Kousei MURATA Trombone Performer

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Murata Kousei trombone solo recital "prestop" details...
  24.March 2021 Tokyo Concerts Labo

Studied and graduated from the Toho Music University, then the Berlin University of Arts as a recipient of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholar. This association led re-invitation to study at the Muenchen University of Arts in July 2000 and also a participation of the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music.

As a specialist in Contemporary Music, a series of inaugural concerts titled "Revelations of Trombone" promotes premiers of newly written compositions including his own in various performing styles. As part of recitals, he has given first performances in Japan of works by such composers as Xenakis, Globokar, Cage and Kagel.

His commentary on avant-garde performance technique on internet web site contributes greatly to an introduction to further compositional development and technical possibilities in trombone repertoire. Recent enthusiasm for improvisation has brought him to jam sessions collaborating with jazz musicians at clubs, and a collaborative performance with recitations of poems extends further potentialities in music.

A member of the Tokyo Trumpet Chor, Chamber Orchestra Art Respirant and Brass Extreme Tokyo. He is also a Permanent Director of the Japanese Association of Trombone.

Tenor : Winfried Rapp Model Avant-garde (2017 Germany midium small bore)
Alto : Helmut Voigt (Germany)
Sackbut : Ewald Meinl Model Hainlein (2013 Germany)
Mouthpiece : Willie's model sonata.jp